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There is a need to crush more out of each resource, be it a small section of land or a drop of water, each and every accessible asset and resource needs to be fully utilised. What we need is ‘precision agriculture’.

The primary issue with the conventional crop spraying is that the pesticide usage efficiency is low. Just 40% of pesticide is utilised adequately and the remaining 60% of pesticide can’t control the pest, which causes a considerable measure of contamination on nature.

APEX offers agricultural drone solution to manufacturers in the industry and farmers in India. Drone data can be used to isolate areas with soil deficiencies like pH and nutrition imbalance and provide correcting measures to those areas. Other factors like temperature, moisture, slope, elevation and more detects areas which needs more or less frequent watering.

A drone can also efficiently spray the pesticides as it check the ground and splash measured fluid by balancing the separation starting from the earliest stage showering in the continuous for even scope.

Drones with thermal cameras can provide fantastic insights into water system by featuring regions that have pooling water or lacking soil dampness. These issues can extremely influence yield and quality. The drones give agriculturists a superior method to comprehend their field through more successive examinations and looking over.


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