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Disaster Management

Drones can perform multi task operations at the time of natural disasters, especially in a large scale disaster zone.

Drones can access hard to reach areas and perform data gathering tasks that are unsafe or impossible for humans. Natural and manmade disaster destroys environments often making conditions difficult for humans to go into danger areas. Drones have the ability to take on roles where relief workers and manned vehicles fall short.

Often in case of radiation leaks, be it of any kind, it is extremely dangerous for both man and machines. using special mylar material coated with boron and lead paste it is possible to sustain flight in such areas to record and monitor. In case the disaster happens. our team is currently in fabricating such material.

Drones can be used for monitoring catastrophes

• Monitoring landslide affected areas • Search missions for missing persons • Post-disaster relief operations • Rescue drones to assist during other natural or man-made disasters