Agriculture Spraying Drone

A There is a need to crush more out of each resource, be it a small section of land or a drop of water, each and every accessible asset and resource needs to be fully utilised. What we need is ‘precision agriculture’.

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Survilance Drone

In the booming solar industry, efficiency is crucial for any company’s success. Whether it is installation, inspection, repair or surveying land for solar farm prospecting, aerial photos, maps and 3D models .....

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Fire Fighting Drone

Firefighters generally have three goals – protect and save lives, extinguish fires, and protect/save physical ...

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Construction Services Drones

Develop drone maps and models to enhance work process Report site progress updates to remote teams General visuals for design plans and marketing presentations

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Agriculture Services

There will be have to crush much more out of each section of land of land, each drop of water, every last accessible asset capably.

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Construction Services

The use of drones in construction has become no more unusual than a GPS rover, but just as vital, in recent years.

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Services for Mining

Drones provide supervision tools to increase overall productivity and monitoring can give an exact picture of productionand process .

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Services for Solar Energy

Continuous growth of the solar industry bring ever expanding base of solar installations.

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Disaster Management

Drones can perform a multi task in the time of natural disasters and they are very much helpful in large scale disaster zone.

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Services for Wind Energy

Given the steady increase in its usage in different industrial applications, drone technology is being rapidly commercialized.

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