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Services for Mining

Drones can provide supervision tools to increase overall productivity and aerial monitoring to give an exact picture of stockpiles, production and process flow, which helps the customer to determine the overall efficiency of operations.

Mineral surveys with drone technology are quicker and more productive than traditional methods of surveying. Drones can help with sampling and searches for minerals using progressive remote sensing techniques as well as look at mineral patterns and provide data for data processing by computers with designated software’s for analysis. The computer can operate in real time to offer constant assessments and remote viewers can watch 3-D imaging of a mine work to confirm progress and accuracy and measure them against plans and designs.

Mapping is a difficult mining task by traditional means including small planes. The evolving drone technology offers mining operators a cost-effective alternative for mapping deposit sites. Drone mapping can work with ground evaluators to ensure accuracy and reduce the time and effort needed.

UAV’s can perform in challenging weather and tough conditions; aerial mapping minimizes human exposure to elements and hazards. Drones can perform mappings with details including 3-D imaging and elevations. Using Geographic data references, drones can produce maps and surveys with precision, feature details, and testable accuracy.